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Games and Interactive Activities

Welcome to our games and interactive activities section.

The Philosophical Health Check - Is your thinking up to scratch? Take our philosophical health check to find out.

But You'll Regret It In the Morning - Alcohol, character and consent.

Peter Singer and the Drowning Child - Are you morally obliged to save the drowning child?

Battleground God - Will your beliefs about God and religion survive on our intellectual battlefield? Now's your chance to find out!

In the Face of Death - Is murder sometimes justified?

Should You Kill the Backpacker? - Is it okay to kill one person to save five?

Should You Kill the Fatman? - Do you have consistent moral intuitions?

Get That Chip Out Of My Brain - Free will, determinism and moral responsibility.

Morality Play - How do your moral judgments match up against those of other people? How broad a range of moral principles do you invoke when making moral judgments? Find out about your moral framework here.

You're Being Tortured In The Morning - Who exactly is it who is being tortured?

Should You Kill the Fatman? - Do you have consistent moral intuitions?

Talking with God - Can you navigate your way through the Euthyphro dilemma?

Do-It-Yourself Deity - Can you construct the perfect God? We somehow doubt it!

Whose Body Is It Anyway? - Who has rights over your body?

Elementary, My Dear Wason? - Most people will fail this simple logic test. Will you be one of them?

Stayling Alive - Do you have what it takes to stay alive? Find out in our game of personal identity.

Would You Eat Your Cat? (Previously called "Taboo") - Moral judgements, chickens and the yuk-factor. How do you measure up?

Britney Spears vs. Shakespeare - What is art? Which artists produce the greatest works of art? Discover the answers here.

Chi-square Calculator - A statistical utility which will allow you to analyse the data featured in these games (e.g., men versus women)